iGlucose® System

iGlucose® Blood Glucose Meter

  • Global System for Mobile (GSM) network

    • Blood glucose results are automatically sent to the Cloud.
    • Real time results are sent to your Circle of Care keeping everyone informed.
    • No cable, special cell phone or contract, or wi-fi is needed to download meter results.
  • High Performance, Easy and Affordable

    • iGlucose test strips use .75 μl of blood and provide accurate results* in 5 seconds.
    • Out of box, data communication ready.
    • Test strips are less than or equal to the cost of leading meters’ strips.
    • FDA cleared and CE Mark approved

*Meter meets ISO 2013 Standards

iGlucose® Web Portal

  • Patient and Population Management portals reflect real time data without extra data sharing steps
  • Easily configured to send texts and emails to desired Circle of Care
  • Sends daily reminders, encouragement and tips
  • Connects patient and healthcare team in between visits
  • Unique Application Program Interface (API) available for third party partners’ data management

Unique Global System for Mobile (GSM) Chip

  • Uses cellphone networks worldwide
  • Enables secure transmission of blood glucose values and other data
  • Removes all barriers to sharing data improving diabetes management