Real Time Diabetes Management That Makes a Difference

Diabetes can be lonely and overwhelming. Smart Meter, LLC strives to give the Person with Diabetes (PWD) valuable information in real time with their recently FDA cleared and CE Mark approved iGlucose® Blood Glucose Meter.

The iGlucose® System allows sharing of real time data with a Circle of Care (family, friends and healthcare professionals). Now, others can be more involved in and supportive of the person with diabetes.

Leveraging a Global System Mobile (GSM) network, the iGlucose System offers a person with diabetes an EASY way to get the most from the Cloud, text and e-mail. With the iGlucose® Meter there is no need for special mobile contracts, downloading of data with cables, synchronizing of devices, or special subscriptions. The iGlucose® Meter offers out of the box simplicity at the same costs as other blood glucose devices.

Smart Meter Corporation is here to help you

A Person with Diabetes

The iGlucose Blood Glucose Meter gives you increased ease of use with the accuracy that you expect. On your first use, you can easily share your BG results with the people that matter to you the most.

You will be able to share BG results without extra steps. Your loved ones can know you’ve tested and that you’re in range. Your healthcare team can pro-actively monitor your trends between visits. And, the iGlucose Coach can remind you to test.

Those Focused on Diabetes Management

Waiting for a patient visit or downloading meters with dated results doesn’t let you as a healthcare provider proactively manage your patients.

By connecting to the iGlucose portals, you can view real-time data and focus on the right patients at the right time. Using the group messaging feature, you can congratulate patients for testing as prescribed or staying in range. Your staff can send a personal message about a patient’s trends requesting more information or an earlier visit.

The Payers

Improving patient care while reducing costs is everyone’s priority. The iGlucose System offers a cost effective, reliable solution to share usage, compliance, and blood glucose result data.

Whether you are an insurance payer, a mail order pharmacy, or other provider of diabetes services, the possibilities are endless. Having real time, accurate and complete information allows you to offer services and care in areas that can make a difference.